Know Your Woods Well

A house is complete when you have all the necessities filled in them and mainly it is the furniture and fittings that give that damn awesome look to the house. There are people who go beyond their capability, spend time in picking the right kind of furniture, which is both a piece of beauty and utility for their house and try to make it a heaven for spending the rest of the life there. And while doing this they also look for some basic essentials like quality, durability, stability, credibility etc… Mostly all these are found in the furniture and tables made from wood for the first reason, they are made from a natural product that has gone through and seen all types of situations and hence is immune to any type of climate or weather changes; secondly, they are old; old is always gold and hence they are capacitated to challenge the other materials of the latest years.

There are a lot of different varieties of wood being used in the furniture making and all of these have some specialty or unique quality that makes them apt and suitable for that particular furniture piece. But before going for any of them, it is very important to have a basic knowledge about what they are, who they are, what are their pros and cons etc for this would greatly help in determining the quality of the furniture pieces. So let`s now take a look at some of the different types used for this and get to know the unknown.

Pine – this is a very common type of wood that goes into the making of furniture pieces. It is generally yellowish in color with few brown color knots here and there that appear to them naturally and in fact, this adds to the beauty of this wood type.

They are very light in weight and best suit the making some simple furniture pieces. Benefits that we get from furniture made from this wood type is that they are less expensive and they are best for kid`s furniture. They offer a very safe and lightweight option and hence is a good option when comes to kid`s furniture. Another advantage is that they allow extensive painting on them and hence making the furniture or the tables of your kid`s choice is very much possible here.

They also do not swell or shrink and hence promise to serve you for long with the same looks and functionalities if maintained properly. But a major disadvantage with them is they belong to the softwood family and hence there are all chances for easy and simple damages and scratches and dents.

Maple – this is another very common type of wood that goes extensively into furniture making. They are creamy white in color and sometimes come with a tinge of red color. They belong to the hardwood family and hence best suit the make of some sturdy furniture like kitchen cabinets and dressers. Advantages of using furniture made from maple are, they are highly affordable and also durable. They can take up hard hits any number of times and still continue to look fab.

And the main thing is they are made to accept and absorb stains. This is a very welcoming quality in them especially for those used in the kitchens. But this might not happen if maple is not sealed properly and this might lead to a blotchy, bloated look to the furniture or the table made form them. Walnut - another awesome and perfect fit for wooden furniture. One most demanded in the market for its hardness. Yes, it belongs to the hardwood category and hence becomes the best option for some carved wooden chairs, ornated antique style wooden tables.

They are generally brown in color when the inner-most part of the tree is used while yellow in color when taken from the outer layers. They are in fat the best picks for headboards for they beautifully bring out their color with that oiled coating on them. Like any other type, they too have merits and demerits. Their color is an attraction and hence makes the furniture piece too look beautiful. They are very strong and can hold well for some intricate carvings on them. On the darker side, we have them rated one of the highest in the market.