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Quality Control

Quality Control
Quality is the fundamental of the DHN projectors. The quality control of DHN starts from supplier management, supplier selection, incoming material inspection, assembly standardization, multidimensional test, limit test, drop & vibration test and other aspects.

DIDON has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard of China, and all DHN products have passed EMC electromagnetic compatibility test and MTBF test, so as to ensure the stable operation and normal light attenuation of laser light source in 20000 hours.

Since its establishment, DIDON has adhered to the strategy of scientific development and regarded technology research and development and talent training as the most important strategies of the company.

At present, DIDON has gathered the leading r&d elites in the industry, who have profound scientific research foundation in optics, electronic information, image processing and control, network, communication and other fields.

DIDON also has extensive integration management experience in technology-intensive projects.

DIDON invests a lot in the research and development of new products and projects every year, and has obtained many patents and software Copyrights.

Quality Control

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