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DHN Outdoor & Indoor Laser Projector for Advertising

Projection advertising (indoor and outdoor advertising projector) is a kind of advertising form which projects the images or videos into the wall, windows or others in the night.

DHN is a professional laser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We shall greatly appreciate any order that you may have for us. Get a laser advertising projector price from DHN!

View DHN's outdoor / indoor laser projector cases below to learn more details.

Advertising Laser Projector Cases

Applications of Indoor / Outdoor Advertising Projector

DHN indoor/outdoor advertising projector can be applied to outdoor environment: building exterior wall, public building, stadium, and also to indoor environment: large exhibition hall, museum, theater, tent, warehouse, etc. The projection advertising has the advantages of environmental protection, safety, flexible installation and replacement, higher cost performance and so on. Both DHN Indoor and outdoor building projectors creates a dynamic new ad space with mobile video projection. It meets advertising needs with the latest cutting-edge projection technology that outdoor and indoor advertising has to offer.

DHN laser advertising projector is widely used in window glass advertising, wall advertising, restaurant advertising and so on. Laser advertising has become the new trend of future advertising.

Characteristics of DHN Outdoor / Indoor Laser Projector

1. Get environmental protection and safety with DHN outdoor / indoor laser projector advertising projector:
Projection advertising can overcome the limitations of ordinary billboards and light boxes, such as large power consumption, fading easily after a long time, being easily damaged by people, smearing pollution, etc.; Laser advertising projector uses optical principle to image, with less power consumption, light weight, no damage to the floor and ground, no impact on the site environment and overall planning, no pollution, strong wind resistance.

2. Fashionable with DHN laser advertising projector.

3. Enjoy flexible and efficient delivery with DHN indoor / outdoor advertising projector:
Laser projection advertising can release the advertising picture or change the advertising content in a very short time; the equipment is put into use once and used many times. This feature is convenient for merchants to carry out seasonal promotion.

4. Has good animation effect with DHN outdoor / indoor laser projector:
Dynamic is the most attractive visual element, laser advertising projector can produce many novel effects through the application of some special technologies, which can more effectively attract the attention of the crowd. For this demand, we have specially designed high speed projectors for rail way station which needs to attract crowds' attention in a high speed move. 

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