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Commercial Exhibition
Commercial exhibition is the purpose of commercial promotion and publicity. Using the commercial 3d projector of large screen fusion to create clear and shocking visual effects.
DHN commercial hd projectors change pictures and animation effects at any time bring greater convenience and flexibility to commercial display, as well as better user experience.

Commercial Exhibition Laser Projector Cases

Commercial 3D Projector with Holographic Projection Technology

In order to make the visitors' experience more real, our commercial 3D projectors use the most advanced holographic projection technology to combine creativity and multimedia, and perfectly integrate the exhibition theme and image.

The interactive projection materials displayed on the LED screen outside the exhibition hall through commercial laser projector can let visitors experience the fun brought by high-tech interaction.

The commercial 3D projector with holographic projection technology adds a lot of colors to the commercial exhibition, and also leads to a great deal of passenger flow, which makes the exhibition hall popular in an instant. All kinds of special effects projection made by commercial 3Dprojector are vivid, and the holographic materials projected are various, and the projection materials displayed in different scenes are also different, making people feel as if they are in the scene.

Applications of Commercial HD Projector

The main application fields of commercial HD projectors include square exhibition hall, company exhibition hall( meeting room projector ), hotel exhibition hall, shopping mall exhibition hall, supermarket and so on.

DHN is a professional commercial HD projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We shall greatly appreciate any order that you may have for us.

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