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Exhibition Laser Projector Application & Cases

Exhibition and presentation is a wide concept. In the traditional presentation, the audience can see the real physical exhibits. The exhibitor integrates various resources and information to present them to visitors in a decorative way. The display form of laser exhibition projector brings new vitality to the exhibition and projector industry.

Projector industry is also a very board industry. Every industry needs to promote its products and ideas to its customers. As technology improves, the traditional display ways and ideas no longer to satisfy people's requirements. Thus, the modern multimedia presentation is engendered. DHN is one of pioneer who presented exhibitors with newest exhibition projector technology with experience.

Exhibition Laser Projector Cases

Exhibition Projectors

The digital media has the diversified display form. The display form is including the experience class interactive projection, the phantom of holographic, iShow- Electronic Sand Table, large screen edge blending pojection, multimedia spherical screen display system.

Exhibitions Projector

Simulation experience and so on. In this multiple and diverse categories need to complete each category of the exhibition, the indispensable is professional projector hardware equipment, for example, laser projectors, edge blending processors.

Projector Industries

DHN exhibition projector plays a vital role in this filed. Based on the principle that every laser projector of DHN is a solution for a project, DHN laser projectors have updated a lot of application functions and edge blending hardware in its renewal process. 

DM907-4500 lumens ultra short throw laser projector

Projector Edge Blending Hardware

In the indoor exhibition hall, the projection screen is the giant screen in order to improve visitors' visual experience. The biggest problem to realize the huge projection screen is the high cost, low resolution. But large screen edge blending can solve all these problems and implement the perfect big screen projection. Even so, there are still many problems in the large screen projection market, such as complicated system, difficult to adjustment and tedious after-sale services. DHN laser projectors with projector edge blending hardware gradually solved these problems in a step by step to update the products. DHN laser projector adds the edge blending hardware module, which can directly connect to the computer to achieve the large screen edge blending function. The system is much simpler and the combination of the edge blending processor with the laser projector greatly reduce the fault rate. DHN laser projector equipped with edge blending hardware platform can also do the fully automatic edge blending.

DB4020--Automatica edge blending platform
DB4020--Automatica edge blending platform

This technique not only solves adjustment problems but also saves maintenance costs. Any problems that arise in the fusion domain can be solved by one-click debugging. The single arc correction function makes our design more convenient in the exhibition.

DHN is a professional manufacturer and supplier of huge projectors for exhibition, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We shall greatly appreciate any order that you may have for us.

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