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Immersive Projection System

Immersive Projection
Recent years, immersive projection art was introduced into China. This art quickly rose and becoming a boom. The brilliant of expression and the extraordinary experience makes this newly developing art greatly popular among people, which causes a concern in the art industries.

Immersive Projection

The Rise of the Immersive Projection

Any period of human development is inseparable from art, and the expression of the art is different in each period. The emergence of the immersive display is undoubtedly the result of the collision of technology and art, especially the popularity of the laser projectors.

When the projection of a single plane cannot satisfy people's visual enjoyment, the immersive display was emerged at the right moment.

Immersive Projection

The Form and Nature of the 3D Laser Projection System

The form of the 3D projection system can divide into two parts, immersive projection system and alternate reality display system. An immersive experience is one in which the whole experience is affected by artificial technological devices, the interaction between people and the images. The nature of the 3D projection system is that people want to interact with art. Technology satisfy this requirement and give people boundless creative power. The usage of the short throw projector 4500 lumens also brings the art new vitality forms. The combination of the laser projector with the exhibition is the resolution of the art and the technology.

Expect for the immersive art exhibition hall, immersive theatre, 3D mapping, the common 3D laser projection system is usually applied to some of the commercial projects, for example, immersive restaurant, holographic wedding, culture company and so on.

3D Laser Projection System

The Application Prospect of the Immersive Projection

The immersive proejction is becoming a trend of the restaurant, entertainment venues and other displays. The high lumens laser projector and the development of the technology have been instrumental in this process. 

Advantages of Immersive Projection System:

It has a high function of communication. The immersive projection system can catch the eye of the audience easily, so as to achieve the effect of the communication. The edge blending processor is used to fusion the images projected by multiple projectors to a more complete and larger size, bringing a strong sense of visual impact to the audience.

After the overlapping images are processed by edge blending technology, the brightness and resolution of the images are improved, so the images are more layered. The omnidirectional and multilevel pictures and stereoscopic sound make the audience feel that they are in the scene.
This design is very adaptability, it is able to apply to a variety of exhibition environment.

Immersive Projection System

Immersive projection and immersive projection system change people's understanding of projection and give people a kind of shocking visual experience. Now, the immersive projection has been widely used in various places, which greatly enhances the fun and technology of the application place and attracts people's attention. DIDON industrial by interactive multimedia innovation, keep pace with the development of The Times, is committed to creating a more shocking, more sense of technology visual experience.

DHN is a professional laser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We shall greatly appreciate any order that you may have for us.

Immersive Projection Laser Projector Cases

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