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Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Interactive Projection System

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Interactive Projection System
Interactive projection has a variety of different display platforms, such as ground interactive projection display platform, facade interactive projection display platform, spherical interactive display platform, tabletop interactive display platform, etc.
The installation methods of various platforms are different. The ground interactive projection platform is taken as an example, and the display equipment is more diversified.
Here, we will introduce the installation, commissioning and maintenance of interactive projection system with DHN interactive projection.

The installation of the interactive projection system is mainly divided into two parts, one is the signal acquisition and imaging part.

For the interactive projection on the ground, the equipment of these two parts is generally installed under the ceiling (some may be suspended in the form of ceiling). Pay attention to reserve enough space, and ensure that the installation environment has sufficient ventilation space.

Only good ventilation conditions can ensure the heat dissipation effect of the device to achieve long-term stable operation; the second part is the signal processing part, which is generally installed in a specific computer room, data is exchanged with the signal acquisition and imaging parts in a wired or wireless manner.

Interactive Display

The installation and debugging process of the interactive projection system is relatively close to the projector's lifting and debugging technology, which requires engineering technicians to accurately project the projected image into the designated area; for the signal acquisition and signal processing part of the debugging, because the equipment and software used are different, the debugging is also Specialized technical personnel are required to debug.
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