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Laser Projector

Laser Projector
Laser projectors (laser action projector) use laser beams to transmit images. The optical components of the laser beam projector are mainly composed of RGB light valve, X prism, projection lens and drive light valve.

The laser beam passes through the corresponding optical elements and the beam expansion of the processing chip in the machine, and then transmits to the X prism to integrate the three laser beams. Then the integrated laser is transmitted to the projection screen by the projection objective lens, and the entire display process of the digital laser projector is completed.

Shanghai DIDON Industrial is a professional laser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We will establish more solutions in education, government, multimedia exhibition and other fields to provide customers with more competitive products, services.

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Laser projector has the following advantages:

1. Low energy consumption, the energy consumption of laser light source projector is only 50% of the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp;
2. Low heat, cold light source on the heat dissipation requirements are lower, so the laser video projector can be quieter;
3. Small volume, the volume of the solid state light source luminescence is less than one-tenth of the traditional bulb;
4. Long service life, the service life is 20,000 hours and the service life of the laser light source is 6-8 times of the ordinary lamp.
5. The color is pure, and the three primary colors of RBG are directly mixed, which making the image more gorgeous.
6. Flash-close, on/off at any time, without any waiting, and without the risk of exploding the lamp.

The full-fledged application of laser display technology makes the application field of laser light source projector continue to extend. Taking DIDON as an example, with its complete product line, excellent quality and perfect service, DIODN industrial has applied its laser projection products in command and control system, exhibition displays, conference center, advertising, VR simulation system, digital cinema, home theater and other fields, and won wide recognition from industry users.

In the past two years, in addition to the command and control system, exhibition displays, digital cinema, education and other traditional markets, laser based projector is full of expectations in the construction of projection, community cinema/special cinema, electronic sand table, holographic projection, high-end household, image culture and other market segments performance.
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