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Laser Projector DM730ST
  • 1024x768 projector
  • geometric laser projector
  • long life projector

High-end Geometric Laser Projector DM730ST for Engineering Projects

DM730ST 1024x768 projector adopts the DLP technology with the 0.70" DMD chip. DM730ST has the 7300 lumens brightness and the XGA (1024*768) ultra-high resolution, and this feature makes it can meet the projection of most of the highlighting environment.
DM730ST 1024x768 projector has the functions of built-in edge blending, 17*17 geometric correction and others, which is suitable for the immersive restaurant, interactive exhibition hall, multimedia classroom and other large venues.
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  • Parameter

DLP Projection Technology of Geometric Laser Projector

DM730ST 1024x768 projector adopts the DLP technology with the 0.70”DMD chip. DLP technology has the advantages in the high resolution and the high color stability. The contrast ratio of the DLP projector is about twice of the LCD projector, which makes the color performance higher in the bright rooms. Digital color reproduction makes sure the high image reducibility of the real materials.

Laser Light Source of Geometric Laser Projector

DHN geometric laser projectors focus on the development and the innovation of the short throw hd projector. Comparing with the traditional light source, laser light source has the better unipolarity and the directional. This is also a long life projector with advantages of long service life and low cost of the maintenance. In theory, the service life can reach to 20000hours, and laser light source also has the good qualities of wide gamut, rich color and high color saturation, which makes the images through the projection are real and colorful.

High Brightness and Resolution of Geometric Laser Projector

DM730ST geometric laser projector has the 7300 lumens brightness, and it's a 1024x768 projector with XGA ultra-high resolution, and this feature makes it can meet the projection of most of the highlighting environment.

Rich Colorful Performance of Geometric Laser Projector

The brightness uniformity of the DM730ST is 85%(Typical), and the color uniformity is Δu’v’≦0.02. The advantage of the brightness uniformity and the color uniformity of the DM730ST geometric laser projector is that it can increase the visual perception and reduce the visual fatigue. Viewers can enjoy the brightness and large screen.

Long Life Projector with Geometric Correction

DM730ST 1024x768 projector supports 2*2, 3*3, 5*5, 9*9, 17*17 gridding's geometric correction, so one geometric laser projector can projection on the irregular screens (for example curved screen). Users can make the multiple projection edge blending to meet the requirements of the curved, plane, and the immersive polyhedral projection by this geometric correction function.

Geometric laser projector's built-in edge blending function can also choose the different colors of the projector grid lines, the density of the grids. Users can adjust the sharpness of the images after geometric correction, and the system will store the settings of the geometric correction for calling of the next time.

Users can lock the single long life projector when they adjust the laser multimedia projector. The remote-control signal will lock into the geometric laser projector you want to adjust, and other projectors will not have the unnecessary distractions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the adjustment.

Rich Interface of Long Life Projector

Rich interface can satisfy the requirements of video and audio input and output, power supply, network control (ultra-long-distance transmission), RS232 control, firmware update and so on. Users can use the long life projectors more convenient.

  • Input Interface
  • VGA Inx 1
  • Audio in Jack X 1
  • HDMI x 2
  • HDBaseT x 1
  • Microphone X 1
  • RSRS—232 x 1
  • Mini USB x 1 for F/W upgrade or Interactive
  • 3D VESA
  • Output Interface
  • VGA out x 1 /Audio out x 1 /RJ45 x 1 /USB-A x 1 (5V@1.5A)
  • Network Interface
  • RJ45 X 3 (Support projector control & PoE)
DM730ST Parameter
Brand DHN
Model DM730ST
Projection Technology DLP
Display Chip 0.70” DMD XGA
Resolution  1024 x 768 (4:3) XGA
Light Laser Light Source
Service Life 20000h
Brightness Uniformity 85% (Typical) 
Color Uniformity Δu’v’ ≦0.02
Color Standard Rec.709
Zoom Ratio Fixed
Throw ratio 0.82
Shift Lens Limited Scop/Manual
V: 85% - 95%
H: 95% - 105%
Image Size 30”~300”
Shift Lens Support
Geometric Correction Horizontal keystone correction±30°,Vertical keystone correction±30°,Point drawing
Number of Correction Points 2x2 / 3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9 / 17x17
Edge Blending Function Support
Edge blending zone range the upper edge/the under edge /the left edge/the right edge : 0%/10% ~ 50%
TCP Crestron / PJLink / AMX /Extron
HDBaseT can reach to10.2 Gbps HDMI 1.4 transmission(including HDCP) and100Mbps Ethernet
Noise Normal: 36db / Energy-Saving Mode 30db
3D 3D DLP Link (Over-under、side-by-side、frame-order、frame-pack format)
3D Warping support irregular active 3D stereoscopic after geometric correction(frame-order、frame-pack format)
2x360° proejction support
Loudspeaker 10W x2 
Dimension 405mm (W) x 397mm (D) x 129mm (H) 
Weight 11Kg
Input VGA In X 1 
Audio In Jack X 1
HDMI x 2
HDBaseT x 1 
Microphone X 1 
RS-232 X 1 
Mini USB X 1 (for F/W upgrade or Interactive) 
Output VGA Out X 1 (VGA In/Out selected by OSD) 
Audio Out Jack X 1 
Network Interface RJ45 X 3(Support projector control & PoE)
Power Input Voltage:AC 90-264V~50/60 Hz  
Engine Power:Normal Mode:480W, Energy Saving Mode:320W, Standby Mode:<0.5W
Power Output USB-A X 1 (5V@1.5A) 
12V Power Output
3D VESA miniDIN 3pin
12V power supply DC-Jack 2pin
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