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Laser Projector DU6100
  • 1920x1200 projector
  • wuxga laser projector
  • 1920x1200 projector
  • 1920x1200 projector
  • wuxga projector

6100 Lumens 1920x1200 1.2-2.13 WUXGA Laser Projector DU6100

6100 lumens, 1920*1200 resolution, 1.2-2.13 throw ratio laser projector

DU6100 wuxga laser projector has 6100 lumens with 1920*1200 resolution. The throw ratio is adopted 1.2-2.13 zoom with the shift lens function. DU6100 1920x1200 projector has the built-in edge blending function and the 17*17 geometric correction function. This 6100 projector also supports 2*360° vertical and horizontal projection.
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Light Source, Contrast Ratio and Resolution of 1920x1200 projector

New Solid-State Light Source

6100 projector with SSI new laser light source with a service life of up to 20,000 hours.

Ultra-High Contrast Ratio

With an ultra-high contrast ratio of 300,000:1, the black-order performance is deeper, the white field is brighter, and the picture is more layered. With the ultimate color technology (Brilliant Color), the most realistic color is presented, which gives the viewer the best visual experience.

Ultra-High Resolution

WUXGA laser projector(1920*1200) of ultra high definition resolution, can output higher sharpness, higher quality images, even small text can be clearly displayed.

High-Definition Highlighting

New laser optical technology, brightness up to 6300 lumens (ISO standard) stable output, to meet the needs of different scenes, whether it is used during the day or night can display high-definition highlights.

Technical Function of 1920x1200 projector

Built-In Geometric Correction Function

In addition to the trapezoidal correction function, the 1920x1200 projector also supports 2*2\3*3\5*5\9*9\17*17 grid adjustment, and the geometric correction function can quickly adjust the tilted image. Quickly realize curved and irregular projection images, easy to use, convenient and fast.

Professional Splicing Fusion

Built-in pure hardware fusion chip + unique splicing fused image mode, can easily realize the splicing of multiple projectors into a large color with consistent color.

Auto Power On

No need for external devices, you can detect signals and automatically turn on the WUXGA projector when power is detected.

Auto Power Off

Countdown starts when no signal is input to the 6100 projector. When the countdown value is completed, the WUXGA laser projector will automatically shut down (the shortest can be set for the 60s), energy saving and environmental protection.

Hdbaset Long-Distance Transmission

With a CAT5E network cable with HDBaseT transmitter, 100m lossless transmission of audio, video and control signals can be easily realized.

Multi-Angle Flexible Installation of WUXGA Laser Projector

DHN laser projector supplier's laser projector without heat dissipation angle requirements can be installed in 2*360° all-around, with lens displacement and 1.8 times large zoom function, easy to deal with various complex installation environments.

3D-Vesa Interface of WUXGA Laser Projector

DHN laser based projector with 3d-vesa output interface, can be connected to 3d transmitter, easy to achieve 3d effect, compared to dlp-link active 3d, contrast and brightness can be greatly improved

DU6100 laser projector Specifications
Brand name DHN
Model DU6100
projection technology DLP
VGA Chipset 0.67” DMD WUXGA 
Resolution 1920 x 1200 (16:10) WUXGA
Light source technology Full laser solid-state laser technology
Lamp life ≥20000hours
Brightness 6100Lum
Contrast ratio 300000:1
Brightness uniformity 85% (Typical) 
color uniformity Δu’v’ ≦0.023
Lens F/2.3-3.15
Throw ratio 1.2~2.13
Lens shift limited range,(HM)
V: 100% - 120%
H: 90% - 110%
Image size 27.9"~301.8"
Lens shift support
geometric correction mode  Calibration point stretch
number of calibration point 2x2 / 3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9 / 17x17
video fusion function support
Fusion range top edge/lower edge/left edge/right edge : 0%/10% ~ 50%
Control protocol Crestron / PJLink / AMX /Extron
HDBaseT HDBaseT interface transmission rate up to 10.2Gbps, support up to 100 meters long distance transmission.
Noise 35db/29db
3D 3D DLP Link 
2x360° projection support
loudspeaker 10W x2 
Dimension 405mm (W) x 397mm (D) x 129mm (H) 
Weight 11Kg
The input interface VGA In X 1 
Audio In Jack X 1
HDMI x 3 
HDBaseT x 1 
Microphone X 1 
RS-232C X 1 
Mini USB  X 1 (for F/W upgrade or Interactive) 
The output interface VGA Out X 1  (VGA In/Out selected by OSD) 
Audio Out Jack X 1 
Network interface RJ45 X 3(Support projector control & PoE)
power souce input voltage:AC 90-264V~50/60 Hz  
Total power:Full mode:480W, Econ mode:320W, Standby mode:<0.5W
Power output USB-A X 1 (5V@1.5A) 
USB-A X 1 (5V@0.8A) 
3D VESA miniDIN 3pin
12V power supply DC-Jack 2pin
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