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8300 Lumens 0.65-4.7 Professional High Throw Ratio Laser DLP Projector 1920x1080p DU8300

8300 lumens, 1920*1080 resolution, 0.65-4.7 throw ratio

DU8300 is the professional engineering projector. It has 8300 lumens brightness with WUXGA resolution. It supports 2*360 ° vertical and horizontal projection, which can meet the requirements of multi-angle projection. DU8300 is more suitable for the movie theater, large lecture room and others. DU8300 adopts the function of sealed design which are more suitable for the outdoor projection.

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DU8300 Laser DLP Projector 1080p

Laser DLP Projector 1080p

DU8300 professional laser projector adopts the professional laser light source. The brightness attenuation of laser light source is slower. DU8300 Laser DLP Projector 1080p has the 8300 lumens brightness, WUXGA resolution, 20000hours service life and support 3D mould. It has 5 alternative lens and the throw ratio covers most range from 0.65 to 4.7. It is equipped with DP, HDBaseT and other interfaces, which adopts superconducting pipe liquid cooling, and supports 7*24 hours uninterrupted operation and 720 degrees installation at any angle.

DU8300 laser DLP projector 1080p is widely applied to the cultural tourism, exhibitions, movie theatre, large conference rooms, classrooms and others based on laser projector advantages of high stability, outstanding quality, excellent picture function of consistency.

Laser DLP Projector 1080p Has More Professional Laser Light Source

short throw projector comparison

The professional laser light source has 20000 hours service life.
The projector can be turned on and off quickly.
It has the brightness color with stability system, so that the color brightness maintains the long-term stable output.
It has liquid cooling laser light source system, and this reasonable heat dissipation design can make sure the stable output of the light source for a long time.

Our 20k laser projector the Better Picture Quality

DU8300 professional laser projector uses a new laser light source, with the original high contrast DLP projection system, comprehensively improve the projector color performance.
Compared with the same level of laser engineering projectors, DU8300 Laser DLP Projector 1080p has more profound black- level performance and brighter white field, which makes the picture contrast higher and the picture level richer. It can show more details when projecting the same image.

It's a professional laser projector with higher performance, more convenient framework design

short throw projector comparison

The stability of DMD chip can effectively avoid the color cast caused by chip aging.
The service life of 20,000 hours light source can effectively avoid the trouble of changing the light and readjusting, splicing and edge blending.
For users, it can reduce maintenance costs, maintenance time and the loss caused by the shutdown of maintenance time.
It is more suitable for long time use in cultural tourism, theme parks and other occasions.
The professional color matching design of DHN digital projection laser projector makes it easy to solve the chromatic aberration problem in the application of edge blending.

The high throw ratio projector has totally-enclosed design

The laser light source module is designed with full seal
Optical -mechanical system is designed with full seal
DMD chip is designed with full seal
Optical lens designed with full seal
Dual color wheel designed with full seal
Liquid cooling system designed with full seal
Dust can't get into the laser optical system, so the equipment runs stably for a long time and the brightness and color output more stable.

Especially for Mosaic fusion design, the professional laser projector's color consistency is higher

Excellent light path design can reduce the thermal drift of projection to minimum, which is more conducive to splicing and fusion.
The color matching function specially designed by DHN laser projector manufacturer for splicing and fusion enables the brightness and color consistent before adjusting. In the field of large-screen splicing and fusion, chromatic aberration problem can be easily solved.

DU8300 laser DLP projector 1080p support full series 3D

Support full series 3D

Support single projector blur-ray 3D DLP-link 3D; support frame sequential format, frame encapsulation format, Top-under format, side by side format.

Five lenses are interchangeable and the projection ratio covers the vast majority of the range from 0.65 to 4.7

Five lenses are interchangeable and the projection ratio covers the vast majority of the range from 0.65 to 4.7

Lens disassembly and assembly is more convenient
Support lens electric focusing, electric displacement, electric zoom (if variable)

Support lens electric focusing, electric displacement, electric zoom (if variable)

Safer design

Equipped with laser safety lock, if the projector is switched on and the lens is removed or the lens is not installed correctly, the projector will automatically shut down;
The lens has a detachable design to prevent the lens from being easily removed.

HDBaseT interface for long distance transmission

HDBaseT interface for long distance transmission

Built-in HDBaseT receiver, which can support 100 meters long transmission of video and control signals,  through super five or six types of network cable and HDBaseT transmitter, can support 100 meters long transmission of video and control signals.

Rich Interfaces

Rich Interface

VGA In X 1
Audio In Jack X 1
HDMI x 3
HDBaseT x 1
Microphone X 1
RS-232C X 1
Mini USB  X 1 (for F/W upgrade or Interactive)
VGA Out X 1  (VGA In/Out selected by OSD)
Audio Out Jack X 1
RJ45 X 3(Support projector control & PoE)

Brand name DHN
Model DU8300
projection technology DLP
VGA Chipset 0.67” DMD WUXGA 
Resolution 1920 x 1200 (16:10) WUXGA
Light source technology Full laser solid-state laser technology
Lamp life ≥20000hours
Brightness 8300Lum
Contrast ratio 300000:1
Brightness uniformity 85% (Typical) 
color uniformity Δu’v’ ≦0.023
Lens F/2.3-3.15
Throw ratio 1.4~2.52
Lens shift limited range,(HM)
V: 100% - 120%
H: 90% - 110%
Image sige 27.9"~301.8"
Lens shift support
geometric correction mode  Calibration point stretch
number of calibration point four points calibration
Control protocol Crestron / PJLink / AMX /Extron
HDBaseT HDBaseT interface transmission rate up to 10.2Gbps, support up to 100 meters long distance transmission.
Noise 35db/29db
3D 3D DLP Link 
2x360° projection support
loudspeaker 10W x2 
Demension 405mm (W) x 397mm (D) x 129mm (H) 
Weight 11Kg
The input interface VGA In X 1 
Audio In Jack X 1
HDMI x 3 
HDBaseT x 1 
Microphone X 1 
RS-232C X 1 
Mini USB  X 1 (for F/W upgrade or Interactive) 
The output interface VGA Out X 1  (VGA In/Out selected by OSD) 
Audio Out Jack X 1 
Network interface RJ45 X 3(Support projector control & PoE)
power souce input voltage:AC 90-264V~50/60 Hz  
Total power:Full mode:480W, Econ mode:320W, Standby mode:<0.5W
Power output USB-A X 1 (5V@1.5A) 
USB-A X 1 (5V@0.8A) 
3D VESA miniDIN 3pin
12V power supply DC-Jack 2pin
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