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Laser Projector DW370ST
  • Laser Projector DW370ST
  • Laser Projector DW370ST
  • Laser Projector DW370ST

3700 lumens Short Throw Laser Projector for Commercial and Education Display

3700 ansi lumen brightness, 1280*800 resolution, 20000 hours service life, laser light source

DW370ST adopts new laser light source technology and it has 3700 lumens brightness. With the 0.521:1 short throw ratio, this type of projector are mainly used for the conference rooms, restaurant, KTV, classroom and others. The new functions like digital zoom, fish-eye lens can meet the requirements of most areas.
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Light Source and Resolution of DW370ST 1024 Projector

New Solid-State Laser Light Source

DW370ST DLP video projector adopts the new solid state laser light source, which can provide the stability of light output in a long time. The advantages of the laser light source are the high brightness, the low energy consumption, pure color and long service life. So, the laser light source is the most advantageous projection light source at present.

3700 Lumens Brightness

The brightness of the DW370ST DLP video projector is up to 3700 lumens, which can meet the requirements of the conference rooms, classrooms and many other fields. This HD DLP projector can projection the high brightness and high resolution images no matter day or night.

DLP Technology

DW370ST DLP projector adopts the advanced DLP technology, and the advantages of the DLP technology projectors are the higher contrast, long-time high quality images, fewer pixel structure. At the same time, DLP technology also leads the trend of the miniaturization of projectors. So, the volume of the DHN digital projection laser projector is smaller than other brands of engineering projectors.

DLP Projector Definition and Difference Between DLP & LCD Projector

DLP and LCD are two main technologies used for projection. DLP (Digital Light Processing) video projector uses a chip made of tiny microscopic mirrors and a spinning colour wheel to project images from a monitor onto a large screen. On the other hand, LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) projectors video projectors send light from a metal-halide lamp through a prism to display video, images, or computer data on a screen or flat surface. Generally speaking, DLP projectors are lighter, portable, and considered to be more reliable.

Advantages of DW370ST 1024 Projector

Fish-eye Lens and the Short Throw Lens

DW370ST short throw DLP video projector adopts fish-eye lens and the throw ratio of it is 0.521:1. When projection a 100" image, only need the 1.12 m projection distance. The design of short throw lens of laser message projector greatly convenience the installation of the large venue laser projector especially in the small space.

20000h Service Life

The service life of DW370ST is over 20000 hours. No like the traditional lamp light projectors need to change the lamps frequently. As a laser projector manufacturer, DHN use the laser light source to lead a more convenient projection way, people no need to change the lens, which help to avoid the trouble of changing the lamps.

Rich Interfaces

Input and output interface: HDMI*2, VGA*1, video in put port*1, 3.5mm audio input *1, VGA output*1, audio output *1, RJ45( 10Mbps/100 Mbps), Kensigton lock slot
Model DW370ST
Brightness 3700 Lumens
Resolution 1280*800
Contrast Ratio 25000:1
Service Life 20000h
Lens YM37LL
Light Source Technology Solid State Technology
Throw Ratio 0.52:1
Power <0.5W
Zoom Ratio Fixed, 1.0x
The Noise Value Full/ECO Typ.36dB (A)/ 32dB (A)
Projection Method Front, Back, Up, Down
Input Interface HDMI*2,VGA*1,Composite video input interface*1,3.5mm audio input*1
Output Interface VGA output*1, audio output*1 
The Speaker Built-in Speaker  10W *1pc
Other Interfaces RJ45 (10Mbps/100Mbps),Kensington slot
Central Control RS-232 D-sub 9-pin*1
Work Noise 35db/30db
Work Temperate 5-40 °
Working Humidity 10%-85%
Working Altitude 0-3500m
Geometric Correction 2*2
Size of Projector 386 (W)x 310 (L) x 116 mm (H)
Weight of Projector About 5KG
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