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Laser Projectors Light Up the Sichuan Landscape in 'Night Tourism' Event

Laser Projectors Light Up the Sichuan Landscape in 'Night Tourism' Event

Laser Projection and gauze screen projections are delivering bright images for a huge immersive "night tourism" extravaganza aimed toward promoting the Guangwu Mountain scenic area in China's Sichuan province and boosting the local cultural tourism industry.

Guangwu Mountain Dreamscape by Holographic Laser Projection

The extensive outdoor show, titled "Guangwu Mountain Dreamscape," has been touted because the nation's first large-scale night tourism spectacular that mixes beautiful natural landscapes with an innovative use of technology, including state-of-the-art projection, interactive lighting, lasers, holographic images, environmental effects, and live performances. Projection is accomplished by 41 3DLP outdoor advertising projectors,and three DLP projectors.

One of the most remarkable feats of this three-hour nighttime extravaganza is projecting imagery on natural fog that shrouds Guangwu Mountain for many parts of the year.

Lifelike Projections On Gauze Screens

The show also boasts an ingenious "storytelling-on-the-go" concept. Visitors strolling along a quarter-mile-long pathway—flanked by winding creeks and dense forest—within the performance zone are ready to concurrently enjoy an enticing storytelling process enhanced with lifelike projections on gauze screens, made possible using DLP projectors.

Gauze Screen Projection Improved The Night Tourism Experience

Since its debut late last year, "Guangwu Mountain Dreamscape" has contributed greatly to cultural tourism and helped promote local economic and social development in Sichuan. albeit the performances were temporary suspended earlier this year thanks to COVID-19, its producers made use of the downtime to introduce new elements, like mesmerizing projections on the cliff face and upgrading the gauze screen projections and lighting effects along the pathway. These enhancements greatly improved the night tourism experience when the show resumed in late June, heightening visitors' enjoyment of this stunning visual feast.

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