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Look to Laser Projectors, to Cut the Costs of Meetings

Look to Laser Projectors, to Cut the Costs of Meetings

laser projector advantages
Laser Technology

This year marks the 60th anniversary of laser technology. consistent with the Science and Entertainment Exchange, Theodore Maiman was the primary scientist to make the primary laser beam employing a ruby and a few theories from Einstein. Today, laser technology is not the work of fantasy . It brings in touch many constructive uses, including because the best light of a number of today's top meeting room projectors. But with cheap lamp-based projectors still widely available, what laser projector advantages does the technology pose?


Laser projector advantages to cost

Filter-free laser projectors not only eliminate the necessity for bulbs, they also reduce the associated maintenance, delivering a complete cost of ownership (TCO) that's 50% less than traditional projectors. Companies with 250 employees or more are shown to spend $250,000 on time spent in meetings.


Meetings are incredibly valuable and an important a part of innovation, and that they demand technology that keeps pace.


Time is money, and maintenance only drives up that costs even further. By choosing laser, companies can save time and money spent on meetings.


Proven color accuracy also helps drive information retention. Studies show that a bright, color-accurate presentation can help employees retain info 82% more effectively.


The best 4K laser projector is DLP Rec. 709-color-accurate, demonstrating its full ability to duplicate the colour space and preventing any shift to yellow experienced by some models. And models rated for 20,000 hours of performance without ever degrading help make sure that every presentation is delivered with impact.


Making the switch to maintenance-free, color-accurate laser technology isn't only good for rock bottom line, it also helps to foster new ideas. After all, nobody wants a projector to be the rationale the wheels fall off at subsequent client presentation.

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