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The Secret Technique Of DLP Projector: Color Wheel Dustproof Technology

The Secret Technique Of DLP Projector: Color Wheel Dustproof Technology
With the promotion of projectors, more and more customers choose to use it to create immersive holographic experiences for their restaurants, hotels and pavilions. The imaging technology of projector is mainly divided into DLP and LCD. If you ask which is much better, we can only say that they each have their own strengths.

If the life of the light source is the evaluation of the service life of the projector, then whether the dust prevention is good or not will affect the performance of the projector for a long time. If you compare the projector to a human being, a healthy person can live a long life, but if he suffers from a chronic disease, his body is damaged, his face is old, and his life expectancy is naturally reduced.

Although compared with the LCD projector, the DLP projector does not have the problem of aging the LCD board at high temperature, and its life is relatively prolonged, it is still a project that needs to be fully packaged in order to improve the dustproof effect in order to maintain the "youth residence" of the projector image. For example, in the DLP projector key components on the color wheel is quite learned.

DLP Projector: Color Wheel Dustproof Technology-1

The color wheel is in a semi-closed position inside the projector. Even if the filter screen blocks most of the dust, part of the dust will invade the interior, waiting for an opportunity to attach the color wheel surface, so that the imaging effect will be greatly reduced, even if the light source is normal. The rapid decline of picture quality will also make it difficult to use. There are three specific effects:

1. The color wheel in the state of high speed will be surrounded by small dust particles, coupled with the electrostatic adsorption at work, the color wheel has become an dust absorbent, and the brightness of the white color wheel will be reduced by sticking dust on the white color wheel. Other color blocks stick with dust to make the color fade gradually.
2. After the dust invades the color wheel sensor, the motor runs unstable, then the picture shakes, the picture quality is poor for a long time, and the life of the projector is shortened.
3. When dust enters the optical machine, adheres to the optical element, the picture will appear bright spot and the imaging will be very terrible.

Therefore, if the DLP projector picture wants to maintain the life, the color wheel dustproof technology is worth paying attention to. There are two main ways to prevent dust.
1. The magnetic induction color wheel is used to detect the change of magnetic field density by Hall effect to judge the rotation of the color wheel, which is no longer affected by ash accumulation. At the same time, the response rate of magnetic induction color wheel is as high as 100W Hz, which is anti-vibration, oil-resistant and not afraid of water vapor. Greatly improve the imaging stability of projector.
2. Compared with the traditional DLP projector with concave sensor, the convex design of convex infrared color wheel sensor is not easy to accumulate ash, receives infrared signal more sensitive, and the projection quality luster is the same as before.

DLP Projector: Color Wheel Dustproof Technology-2
Nowadays, more and more education procurement departments put dust prevention into the core assessment indicators and pay special attention to dust prevention, behind the urgent needs of the real environment. In order to meet the actual needs of users in the field of education, DHN will also continue to in-depth research and development of dustproof technology, including color wheel dustproof technology, every effort of the technology, from every point of careful consideration to the users.
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