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What is a Digital Matrix?

What is a Digital Matrix?
Digital matrix: Digital matrix is divided into compressed and uncompressed type, and ordinary 1000M Ethernet can only barely transmit a few channels of uncompressed D1 video, so the real network matrix is definitely a compressed digital matrix.

The non-compressed digital matrix is represented by manufacturers such as Bokang. Due to the high cost (storage), it is difficult to popularize the ordinary civilian market.

Compressed digital matrix is represented by manufacturers. It is a network matrix based on broadband ADSL / 100M / 1000M Ethernet.

The network matrix makes full use of the network packet switching technology to exchange audio and video data, mainly including the following functions:

(1)Can switch any input to any output (multiple input to few output) manual or automatic switching function, that is, have manual switch, free switch, program switch, synchronous switch, group Switching and alarm linkage switching;
(2)The above manual or automatic switching can be performed on the network local area network or wide area network.
(3)Can realize the function of remote historical video switching.
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